Minecraft Server Rules:

1 | Listen to the staff.
2 | No Trolling.
3 | No DDoS / DoS attacks or any other kind of attack(s) that may affect our network.
4 | No cheating/hacking.
5 | No unfair advantages (bugs, auto-clickers, macros, etc..)
6 | No griefing.
7 | No Inappropriate builds.
8 | No inappropriate usernames.

Minecraft Server Chat Rules:

9 | Don't publish any personal information.
10 | No advertisement.
11 | No harassment.
12 | Be respectful.
13 | No hate speech.
14 | No Spamming.
15 | No Full Caps Messages.
16 | Don't use excessive swearing.

Once you are banned, you are denied access to the FishyminMC Network.
If you try to join on another account while you are banned you will be banned 6 months on all of your accounts.

Discord Server Rules:

1 | Be respectful.  
2 | listen to the staff.
3 | Don't spam.
4 | No inappropriate profile pictures.
5 | No offensive profile pictures.
6 | Post content in the correct channels.
7 | Moderators reserve the right to change nicknames.
8 | No DMing other members of the server.
9 | Rules apply to DMing other members of the server.
10 | No publishing of any personal information
11 | No harassment.
12 | No hate speech.
13 | No offensive language/cursing.
14 | No advertisement.
15 | No linking to other servers.
16 |  No inappropriate usernames.
17 | Do not send any url(s)/link(s).
18 | No inappropriate content.

Website comment rules:

In order to report someone use the “/report” command (in-game) or contact us.
Any broken rule may result In a temp-mute or a ban.

Please note that we are not associated with Mojang AB or with Discord Inc.

The FishyminMC staff team reserves the right to ban/mute you without any prior consent.

You might be muted/banned for stuff that is not on this list.

FishyminMC shall not be liable for the Comments or for damages or expenses caused and/or suffered as a result of any use of and/or posting of and/or appearance of the chat on our servers.

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